Using Nature’s Secrets to Look Great and Feel Terrific, Stay young, slim, strong, and energetic – Naturally


1. Conde Nast Traveler Spain (Letha photo)


November, 2009  Conde Nast Traveler magazine-Spain featuring New York. (Nils Schlebusch photo)  “The Martha Stewart of Herbs”

Letha Hadady, D.Ac., “The best-known blond in Chinatown” NY Newsday; L.A. Times Syndicate

In my books, articles, and radio broadcasts I recommend many natural products for health and beauty. The product origin, quality control, and price are important factors. Here is an ongoing list of recommended sources. Please check back from time to time.




Detox from Alcohol and protect against addiction with Party Night, a combination of liver-saving supplements:


Liver Formula tablets to detoxify and strengthen liver and gallbladder, healing for liver weakness from alcohol, drugs, chemical poisons and pollution. Contains herbs for eliminating toxins and stress.


Reduce nervous anxiety and stress, improve mood and reduce addictive behavior:


Neem tree bark powder, a cooling blood cleanser that helps clear complexion and improves mental clarity: Add ¼ tsp powder to brew each cup of coffee. Neem bark is detoxifying, reduces cravings for sweets, drugs, and alcohol, a good source of antioxidants, anti-fever, reduces inflammatory pain, arthritis and gout. Brush your teeth with neem bark powder:


Here is a healthy cocktail for your brain, nervous system, sexuality and general well-being. Use it in place of wine or an after dinner drink. The herbal tonic mucuna releases l-Dopa a brain chemical that helps repair and rejuvenate brain and nerves and prevent aging. Add 10 to 30 drops in a glass of water or juice. Avoid during pregnancy:



The skin is a mirror for how things are inside the body. Cleansing and rejuvenating herbs beautify inside to give you vibrant, glowing skin on the outside. Clear, radiant skin requires proper nutrition and hydration. Toxins, excess heat, and inadequate nourishment can all contribute to skin issues. HealThy Skin Tablets provide help for acne, rashes, and nervous outbreaks.


Our body becomes tired and heavy from fighting pollution and stress, late nights, rich foods and poor habits. The final reservoir of toxins is our lymph system. You may feel swollen glands, acne, and aches. Pungent, sour, sweet, and astringent herbs are useful for lymph and blood cleansing. A famous deep cleansing herb from India is now in convenient pill form and organic. It is useful for beautiful skin and cancer prevention:


Neem Facial Serum: For mature, fragile skin, allergies, dry skin, blemishes and wrinkles: Use this exquisite complexion serum in place of harsh soaps and chemical creams. Spread a few drops on to your face with your hands. Let the healing properties of sacred NEEM tree soothe and enrich your complexion.  Neem tree leaves and bark are anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-aging.


For itches, dry skin, bug bites, rashes a skin oil that contains antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal NEEM and citronella to keep away mosquitoes:


Neem Aloe Body Shampoo: Two of my favorite plants, detoxifying neem and neem oil and soothing aloe vera together with complexion oils and light organic plant fragrance. A refreshing bath and liquid soap that leaves your skin soft and clean.


Refine complexion, reduce wrinkles and the effects of sun and aging:


A gentle effective skin brightening cream to remove age spots, sun spots and irregular textured skin made with kojic and glycolic acid. Kojic is an extract from a fermented mushroom, is widely used in Asia to exfoliate dry, rough, spotted skin. Test a little on your arm first and if your skin is sensitive use it every other day. Avoid long exposure to the sun while using this skin brightener.


A skin-refining moisture cream made with honey:


For dry hair and itchy scalp here is a soothing, hair-strengthening leave in conditioners. Massage a few drops into your scalp before a bath, during harsh weather and stress. If you want to stimulate hair growth add to one teaspoon of this oil: 5 drops of pure essential onion oil, 2 drops of essential garlic oil.. apply the oil to the scalp with your fingers and a gentle massage once a week and leave it on for 2 hours to one day then wash it off with warm water.



Reduce digestive inflammation, nervous stomach, and bloating with 3 fruits used for centuries. Take 3 at bedtime with water to help detox and regulate digestion. Trifala Tablets:


For bloating, indigestion, burping, dry skin and lips, constipation and common aches and pains that seem worse in cold dry weather or Autumn/winter this digestive remedy will bring balance and beauty:


Sweet Ease Tablets – Do you have diabetes, pre-diabetes, or a sweet tooth? Heal the pancreas, promote healthy digestion and blood sugar balance.



Liposomal Vitamin C absorbs into the body more than 10x efficiently than traditional oral Vitamin C. That’s because in the Liposomal form the Vitamin C is broken down into nano-sized particles and encoated in a lipid-bilayer, a liposome.


Ashwagandha for energy, chronic pain, immunity and sexuality:


Chaga is a great tonic for energy and immunity, anti-inflammatory and a painkiller. Chaga is a medicinal fungi that grows on beech trees and has been used for hundreds of years in Siberia. A powerful supplement for anti-aging.


There are new natural health and wellness tonics on the market everyday. This one has been in use for generations and does not contain ingredients taken from polluted ocean sources. All the rejuvenating herbs are organic. They work together to tone internal organs and beautify the skin, reduce toxins and boost energy. Alma is a main ingredient that is rich in tannins that protect digestion and vitality. Take 1 tsp. daily as a general health tonic for adults and children.


Heart Health:

Arjuna tree bark liquid extract. The primary herb used in Ayurveda to protect the heal the heart. Strengthens the heart and circulatory system, regulates blood pressure and cholesterol to prevent heart disease.


Support heart muscle energy with D-Ribose powder. Add it to beverages, cooking and teas daily to ensure heart health.


Pterostilobene similar to resveratrol reduces cholesterol, triglycerides, high blood sugar reducing hypertension and diabetes.


Magnesium Threonate improves memory and circulation:


Turmeric extract as concentrated curcumin, anti-inflammatory, painkiller that has anticancer and heart protector capacity:


Here is a liquid Turmeric extract you can add to tea or coffee. It improves digestion and brain health too:


Reduce Heart Stress, improve circulation with these Ayurvedic herbal pills. Are you anxious? worried, upset? protect your heart with herbs that ease circulation, reduce harmful blood impurities and stress. Ayurveda aims to protect, nourish and balance your energy.


Hormone Balance:

To detoxify the body from toxic estrogens from pollution, chemicals, food additives etc. Use these to supplement a cleansing diet:



There is nothing as detoxifying for the entire body as NEEM. Neem tree leaf, bark, and flower are all medicinal. Start the day fresh, clean, and strong with Six Way Neem Capsules, a combination of neem leaf and bark which are anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal:


Tea Tree Oil: Antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal. Apply to cuts, toenail fungus, bruises, dilute and gargle to prevent/treat sore throat; apply with Qtip into the nose for colds/flu prevention and sinus infections. An all round detoxifier:


Immune Support Tablets contain natural antibiotic and immune booster andrographis, echinacea, and licorice. It helps clear mucus congestion to improve breathing, digestion and energy.


Tulsi Leaf (Ocimum sanctum) Liquid Extract for enhanced breathing and immunity. Enhances health for lungs and heart. Improved mental clarity and circulation.


Pine Bark Extract: Anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, tonic:  


Longevity: Artemisinin, pterostilbene, and liposomal resveratrol.  Artemisinin is antiviral, has been used for malaria, parasites, cancer, herpes and HIV but is for short term use. Pterostilbene and resveratrol fight cognitive decline and regulate cholesterol to protect the heart.


Combination Medicinal mushroom capsules for cancer and heart health protection:


Reishi mushroom capsules, anti-inflammatory, useful for arthritis and cancer prevention:


Astragalus is a powerful immune boosters that increases T cells and is used in conjunction with other treatments in prevention of cancer, allergies and treatment for HIV-related and menopausal- night sweats.



Yunnan Baiyao capsules for injury, cuts, excessive bleeding, swelling and pain.


Mental/Emotional Balance/Memory:

Brain Repair Power Pack to improve memory and cognition, also regulate cholesterol and blood sugar to protect immunity and correct brain deterioration. As we age, our brain inevitably deteriorates many times losing choline from the neuron sheath. These four supplements are scientifically proven to repair the neuron sheath and restore your brain to health. Acetyl L-Carnitine, Krill oil, Urdine, Choline Bitartrate. For Brain health:

For Brain health with auto-renewal:


For healthy brain and nervous system, improved memory and concentration: Gotu Kola Liquid Extract:


For promoting relaxation and brain health, natural protection for numerous brain diseases: Add 1 tsp to water or juice daily to increase L-dopa


Better Sleep/Anti-Anxtiety/Brain Health:

Nasya oil – put a drop into your nose to help you relax and sleep better, ease tension in neck and shoulders and regulate brain circulation:


Improve sleep patterns, ease stress and support liver and nerve health with I Sleep Soundly tablets:



Essential oil for depression, anxiety and vitality: Grapefruit Essential Oil for external use. Massage into the chest or add to complexion cream.


Lift Your Mood supplements:


Improve memory and understanding, reduce anxiety with Himalayan Bacopa Take bacopa [AKA brahmi] in evening or before meditation with a cup of warm water or tea to improve sleep and refresh brain health.   



Men: enhance libido and male sexual potency with herbs to increase testosterone: PriMale


Men and Women: Improve libido, reduce anxiety, support healthy brain chemicals, treat depression and Parkinson’s: Mucuna. Using mucuna derived L-dopa can be very helpful for any individuals with nerve-anxiety issues, mild to severe neuro-degenerative disease or reduced cognitive capacities. Order it here:


Weight Loss:

Improve digestion and absorption as you lose extra pounds. Take 1 Trim Support tablet before meals, increase exercise and fruits and vegetables.


Garcinia, African mango and white kidney bean extract can enhance metabolism to improve heart health.


Neem tree flowers detoxify the body, improve digestion, blood sugar and weight loss. Steep them in tea as a morning beverage to reduce phlegm. Steep them in honey to make a detoxifying treatment for internal or external use. Neem flowers improve vision. the flowers reduce bile flow. If constipation occurs reduce the dose.


For your Home

Do you want a naturally safe cleaning product that eliminates dirt and grime and protects against bugs? Use this on dishes, clothing, glassware, wood floors, cars, walls and furniture. It contains neem oil, essential oils and won’t hurt your hands.