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What Is Troubling You?

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Year 2020 has been a time of great anxiety and depression.

  • Please follow a wise, nutritious, calming diet of whole grains, fruits, vegetables, seaweeds, nuts and seeds, fermented foods like home made pickles, home grown sprouts, green and other teas.
  • Wear a mask when outside and with vulnerable people. Always Protect yourself and others.
  • Make your home a comfortable cave. Essential oils like citrus, evergreen, and ylang ylang are uplifting for personal use and for your home.
  • Follow a natural schedule of light and dark hours, turn on a bright light when you wake up in the morning, dim the lights and use protective eye-wear when using a computer in the evening. Keep regular hours for sleeping and daytime activity.
  • Here is an herbal formula you can order online for A Strong Heart and Calm Mind.

Blogs, Blogs!

I am excited to announce that Wing Hop Fung, the largest Chinese herb store in Los Angeles area, has a new line of medicinal herbs called “Herbal Rescue” (available online) aimed at preventing and treating discomforts including COVID 19 by enhancing immunity, strength and courage.  And I am writing a blog for my friends at Wing Hop Fung the Chinese medicine superstore in Los Angeles area.

I also have a blog at Academy Healing Nutrition online in which I cover foods and herbs from Roger Green’s “Longevity Diet” His holistic nutrition school has been in operation for 40 years teaching students how to protect health and beauty naturally. The year long certificate program is both online and when possible in house in New York and London. Students can join at any time.

For the past five years I have spent Monday mornings talking with Marie Griffiths on Radio Canada: “M.G. Live” live in Montreal and online sometime between 10:30 AM-noon depending on their schedule. We discuss natural health, wellness and have a few laughs.

I am doing/selling Oil Paintings: They are calming and healing for me. I hope you enjoy them. You can see them in my photo album of paintings at facebook. Here are a few:

“The Angel of Battle” oil on paper


“The Swimmer” oil on canvas

Swimmer copy

“Michael with sword and book” oil on paper

M sword:book

At Amazon: Two of my novels and a large book on sexuality co-written by Michael Foster and me! All available as kindle and paperback at amazon.coms around the world.

Tea book

Chocolate kindle

Outlaws book

I am also republishing my health books as Kindle containing Live Links to recommended natural, vegetarian health and beauty products, new research and updated information with an emphasis on spiritual development. Asian Health Secrets: The Complete Guide to Asian Herbal Medicine is now Karma Herbs (kindle and two paperbacks one with color illustrations) published by Karma Unlimited Books, New York available at Amazon around the world. is corrected, has removed all animal products and added a section on Tibetan medicine, herbs and homeopathic remedies to facilitate meditation.





The paperback and kindle Heart to Heart are available at Amazon. Protect yourself and loved ones from heart disease. Featuring enjoyable home treatments for prevention and care, written with the patient and caregiver in mind. Heart to Heart by Letha Hadady and Michael Foster:




Screen shot 2018-02-13 at 10.56.44 AM

Upcoming Teaching:

February 2021, I will be teaching classes in Holistic Consulting and Communication Skills for Holistic Consultants at New York Holistic School, located online. The school offers a NY state approved curriculum for Holistic Health professionals.

My Private online consultations are available and  include natural health and beauty advice. Email, Phone and Facetime consulations are available. For an appointment kindly email: or call 212 807 1006 for details.

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Strong Muscles and Bones

December 23, 2020