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Eating under tension and on the run, in cars, or at your desk gives you cramps or chest pains. To ease the passage of food along the digestive tract, try this simple massage technique: Lay flat on your back or sit comfortably with your back leaning against the back of a chair and with our feet flat on the floor in front of you. Relax and inhale quietly into the lower abdomen. With your thumbs together gently push diagonally from the navel downward and towards the right leg. Push until you feel relief. You may hear a gurgle of air as the ileo-secal valve opens. The ileo-secal valve is situated on the right side of the abdomen half way between the top of the pelvic bone and the groin. Pushing in that direction opens the valve so that food can pass from the small into the large intestine. Otherwise, you may feel uncomfortable as food and air back up. from Feed Your Tiger, the Asian Diet Secret for Permanent Weight Loss

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