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Teaching and Private Consultations

I am happy to announce my ongoing, pay by donation, Natural Health and Beauty classes Saturdays from 1PM – 2PM EST at Jnana Wellness Center 97 Bond Street Brooklyn, NY, (between Atlantic Ave. and Pacific Street, subways A and C at Hoyt/Schermerhorn stop) We cover foods, herbs, home treatments, easy exercise, self massage, and healthy lifestyle advice. Topics include female sexual and reproductive health, energy/vitality, heart health, anti-cancer treatments, skin and hair rejuvenation and others.

April 29th from 4PM – 5:30PM at Jnana I will teach an “Anti-Ouch” workshop covering hands-on ways to treat injuries, wounds and aches. Aimed at people who sit, stand and suffer all day, feel chronic pain from stress, age, and overwork. Also arthritis, fibromyalgia, and exercise for prevention of pain and stress. $20 at the door.

Private consultations are available in Manhattan in Chelsea and in Brooklyn. Treatments include laser energy balancing, energy facelift, middle slimming with radio frequency, natural facials and beauty advice. For an appointment kindly email:

Protect your heart with herbs that ease circulation, reduce harmful blood impurities and stress. Nourish and balance energy.


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