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Su Xiao Jiu Xin Wan – The two ingredients in this tiny Chinese herbal pill are medical camphor to dilate blood vessels and ligusticum (chuan xiong) an aromatic herb that enhances heart action by facilitating blood flow and Qi and reducing pain. Many TCM practitioners prescribe ligusticum to treat irregular painful menstrual periods and headaches. It is also given to patients with inflammation caused by injuries, carbuncles and boils. The effect of the Su Xiao Jiu Xin Wan pill is like natural nitroglycerin to ease chest pain and improve circulation. For simple chest pain, shortness of breath from pollution, melt 3 -4 pills under the tongue. For severe chest pain, heart attack, melt 12 – 14 pills under the tongue and call 911 immediately for an ambulance. Taken regularly 3 pills once or twice daily the pill helps regulate blood pressure. The NIH has reported this product to be useful for reducing angina. See more information in Naturally Pain Free.



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Heart Health vs Sugar

Heart Health vs Sugar

August 19, 2014