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High ozone days, Heart conditions, and extreme stress:
For chest pain (angina), poor circulation in chest with shortness of breath. Su Xiao Jiu Xin Wan These tiny pills from traditional Chinese medicine are a type of “revival pill.” Take 2 – 3 for severe chest pain, 12 -14 for heart attack. Melt them under your tongue. Call 911 for chest pain that does not subside in ten min. or so or if you have a heart condition. The ingredients are medicinal camphor to dilate blood vessels and a chinese herb ligusticum to enhance heart action to help clear blood vessels of congestion and pain. (angina) Available at chinese herb shops and online. NIH research has found it to be effective for angina after over 15 clinical trials including over 1,700 people and many years of Chinese herbal medicine use. The camphor ingredient feels cooling for mouth, throat and wind pipe. You can feel chest ease increase in minutes.

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May 30, 2016

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