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Spring is in the air: People on the street are looking for friendly smiles. It may yet snow, but we are hopeful for nice weather and maybe a hint of romance. Here is an energy boost for men and women to enhance vigor, bone strength and immunity: PriMale a sexual enhancement supplement with natural ingredients for increasing libido and sexual potency: PriMale The first key ingredient is Xanthoparmelia a lichen used in China for many years used for sexual potency because it smooths muscle allowing blood to flow and stays erection. Other ingredients are Agmatine Sulfate a super-charged version of L-Arginine essential for the production of Nitric Oxide and all sexual function and vital energy, Horny Goat Weed Extract used for centuries for increasing both male and female sexual health. Pine Bark Extract, Yohimbine, Pomegranate Extract beneficial for heart and prostate health,  Tribulus Terrestris Extract to improve male sexual performance, decrease anxiety, and increase libido a precursor to testosterone, Cordyceps Mushroom Extract found to increase the amount of testosterone and Zinc which is crucial in male sexual health. Avoid this supplement if you have a fever, night sweats, or cold/flu; are pregnant, lactating, have prostate cancer or uterine fibroids; use with caution if you take anti-depressant medicines. Start with a low dose.


Are you anxious? worried, upset? protect your heart with herbs that ease circulation, reduce harmful blood impurities and stress. Ayurveda aims to protect, nourish and balance your energy.


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